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Introduction: Detonator Box Ignition Fireworks Pyro Box Electronic Igniter

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A really cool device you can use for detonating your fireworks and other things, safe and very cool. Quite simpel!
In the pictures are the things you will need

Schematic is on the first instruction page

For all those people writing really nice comments with things which could be improved on the pyro detonator, I improved it the way you asked so here is the link to the pyro detonator 2:

Step 1: Connect Up the Upper End of the Circuit and the Lower End

Connect the switches so that the toggle switch becomes the on off switch, and that the push button also is in the circuit so that the push button completes the other end of the circuit. Now make the LED's. Connect 1 to light up for power on and the other so that it lights up when you detonate.

Now connect up the lower end of the circuit one end goes to the 10 meter wire and the other into the box, then to the battery, you can also include a main switch.

There is a schematic drawing

Step 2: Finalisation

Now lastly have a small copper wire from the 2 poles and have a match or a fuse between it, this will ignite it.
Just turn it on and press the FIRE button.



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      Responding to my last post. I am going to put a resistor between the LED and the switches to make sure they don't draw too much energy to allow the positive wire to not lose 2/3 of it's power ;D

      I tried this using alligator clips first before I used solder and it didn't put out enough energy to heat up steel wool but it did light up two mini LED's with everything wired properly.

      I want this enclosure exactly. where did you get it? and if you have a model # or something

      i have made a detonator with a 12 volt psu and 12v led and find that the extra voltage is better for heating the wire up and the best wire i found was the heating element from a toaster. on bonfire night (fireworks night in england) prepared a setup of 32 fireworks using this setup on a larger scale with individual leds to tell me when the firework had gone off and a button to test the leds. it worked quite effectivly and i had a great display in my back garden. thankyou for this idea

      This instructable is pretty good. I actually built this ,and it worked well. I have no idea why you thought the directions were complicated. All you really had to do was read the circuit diagram. I'm wondering if amps are needed to use this. I'm planning to fire from at least 30 feet.

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      Hello. I have just built one of these detonators and I am using a 9.6 volt battery instead. But as soon as I hit the fire button, the fire LED burns out. What is my problem? Do i need to get a better LED or what?

      4 replies

      ur led is probly not rated for that much voltage. they are usualy like 1.5 volts not 9.6

      you need a resistor in series wiht the led , a 200 ohm resistor will be fine

      how does a 9 volt create enough electricity, because it still takes a lot of electricity to make a hair-like piece of copper wire burn up???

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      Is it possible to use 1 or 2 rechargable battery's (1.5v each) without screwing them up but have it still working? sorry, basicly 2 questions does shorting like this screw up my rechargables is 3 v sufficient?