Digital and Binary Clock With Two LED Matrix and RTC




Introduction: Digital and Binary Clock With Two LED Matrix and RTC

About: I'm a Mechanical Engineer and an enthusiastic Maker. I like to create and code my projects using the Arduino.

This project is about a Digital and Binary Clock using Arduino and two LED matrix with MAX72XX and RTC (Real Time Clock) including several features.


  • Digital Clock
  • Binary Clock
  • Mode AM/PM
  • Mode 24 hours (international mode)
  • Time & Date (Day, Month & Weekday)
  • 02 different types of fonts (conventional & stylish)
  • RTC keeps the time and date when the clock is off
  • The internal memory of RTC can record the operational modes
  • Two digits sharing same LED display.

The operation is very simple using the Arduino's restart button.

Every time you turn on or restart the Arduino, a new clock mode is set automatically.

To make this project so simple, I dedicated a lot of creativity and ingenuity to the code to add various features.

I hope you enjoy it!!

See video at: Illustrative Video

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Step 1: Material List

- Arduino UNO & Genuino

- DS1307 module (Real Time Clock - RTC)

- Dot LED Matrix with Maxim MAX72XX

- Breadboard (medium size)

- Jumpers Wires

Step 2: Sketch & Templates



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    7 months ago

    Works great! Thanks

    The file is there. Had you try it again?

    I am not sure about this issue.

    Liked the simple 2 matrix approach for a clock with multiple modes!

    you get my vote!

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