Dilbert Costume

Office having a halloween party? This one's for you.

You will need
1. Dark slacks
2. White button up shirt
3. Constructions paper, pink, red, black.
4. Some old glasses frames, preferably plastic
5. A piece of string
6. Some paper glue.
7. A couple pens.

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Step 1: Make the Mask

The mask is made by cutting the construction paper into the approximate pattern below. Leave the eyes for later. The sides wrap around the back of your head, and can be sized with tape before gluing. I found that lining the head band area with thin cardboard gave it a little more durability.

once you have the size right and the mask is glued into a ring, glue your eye glasses to the front. Elmers glue worked for me, but I had some plastic glasses frames.

Cut out a tear drop shape for the nose and affix to the glasses.

Now cut out the eye holes.

Step 2: The Tie

I toyed with wire in an actual tie, but a paper tie really got the curled up look right, and was easy to wear. To create the tie cut out the shapes below. For the stripes, cut a bunch of strips of the contrasting color and glue them on the tie overlapping out the sides. When the glue is dry, cut off the excess.

To tie the tie on, I glued a loop of cardboard to the top of the tie, and ran a piece of string through the loop.

Step 3: Getting Dressed

Put on the pants with a belt.

Tuck the shirt into the pants. The shirt should puff out a bit. If you are lucky enough to need to, wear a sweater under the shirt to get the puff just right.

For a final touch, put two pens in the shirt pocket.

Just one problem, how to eat the Halloween candy when Dilbert has no mouth.

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    25 Discussions

    dood. dilbert is like the most random awesome guy ever! Great costume shirt,clothing 4/5, BUT!! your mask lacks awesomeness!!! i give your mask a 1/5. ill give you a 3/5 score. but man, if you get a good mask, that will be easily a 5 :-D good idea tho, im gona google for a dilbert mask lol.

    7 replies
    Potter Johnvanweb

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That is an awesome mask. It made me laugh out loud, and you don't want to do that in a cubicle office.

    Yeah, I'd make it shorter, but the color looks awesome... If you were making it out of craft foam (or that blue plastic insulation from Lowe's), I'd make the eyes out of a layer or two of stretched $1 Walmart pantyhose, but you'd probably want a wire frame that was oversized on the inside to hold the hosiery... Love these minimalistic (but maximum benefit) costumes!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    for the tie why not find a red tie w/ black stripes and get some wire. make the angle with the wires and attached them to the tie. done


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Investor - I'm looking to invest in the dogbert hedge fund. Can you show me how it works?
    Dogbert - I take your money and use math to turn it into my money
    Investor - Isn't that illegal
    (Dinosaur costume person whacks him in the head)
    Investor - I don't remember the last few minutes
    Dogbert - I was saying that the dogbert hedge fund will earn you %520 annually.


    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    A good idea to achieve this would be to use a materieal something like the veil on a wedding dress, it's white, but you can see through it, making it look more like Dilbert... :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    haha, thats pretty good. The only thing is Dilbert doesnt have pupils


    12 years ago on Introduction

    i decided to be dilbert for halloween it only took me about an hour or so to do it except my face is kinda white, because i didnt have construction paper so i used printer paper, im trying the costume right now.. Thank you, i love the dilbert comics, plus it was a pretty easy instructable..