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Everyone wants to own a fidget spinner but they are so expensive for just a little thing so I decided to make one
You will need:
-scroll saw
-hole saw 19mm
-plastic glue
-super glue

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Step 1: Step 1

First mark out how big you want it to be I did 30mm x 80mm for 2 bits and cut them

Step 2: Step2

Glue them together then draw a cross from one corner to the other to find out the middle then drill a 19mm hole in the middle

Step 3: Step3

Glue the 2 bits of plastic together and file and sand the edges to make them even and smooth.

Step 4: Finish

Now super glue the bearing in the middle p then you are done
You can now enjoy playing with a cheap DIY fidget spinner that actually works
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Step 5: About

Fidget spinners spin as there is a bearing in the middle and bearing on the outside forming as weights to help the fidget spinner spin for longer. Spinners were created by a girl in the 1990's because she had a illness and thought this would occupy her. Creators of the fidget spinners say they help with mental illnesses but scientists have came out and said it isn't proven yet as they haven't had any tests on it. They are supposed to occupy the brain and help think of creative ideas.

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    2 years ago

    simple yet cool project! check out my project :)