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Introduction: PVC Lightsaber Staff

Diy Lightsaber staff

Here is the staff i made for my wife, she is making a Dark Rey Star Wars cosplay. I made this lightsaber staff almost completely out of PVC. It was fairly simple and cost right around $50

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • 1 1/4" pvc pipe, about 3 feet
  • 1 1" pvc pipe around 5 feet
  • 1 3/4" clear pvc pipe 4 ft ( you will probably have to order this online )
  • 2 ea 3/4" adapter Male and Female
  • 2 ea 1 1/4" adapter Male and Female (make sure the 3/4" adapter fits into it snugly and the 1 1/4" fits over the 1" pvc pipe)
  • 1 package of sheet metal screws
  • Metallic spray paints, silver and dark grey or black
  • your choice of colored cellophane
  • A Drill
  • A saw to cut the pvc
  • 2 sources of light that will fit in the pipe near the blade ( small flashlight or led )
  • 2 3/4" buttons, clear or reflective to act as endcaps for the blades
  • superglue

Step 2: Time to Make the Cuts

  • The 1" pvc pipe is going to be the core of the saber. You will need to cut it to 26"
  • next is the handle and trim pices, these will be made out of the 1 1/4" pipe. The handle will be placed in the center of the staff, it will be 6" ( I added some slits to mine for a bit of flare) and the trim pices will be placed on the outside of the center, they will be about 2 1/2" ( once again i put slits and angled cuts on mine )
  • For the clear pvc pipe you will need to cut 2 14" pices

Step 3: Time to Paint

This is up to you, mine is painted all dark grey except the handle and trim pieces.

( Be sure not to get too much paint on the inside/threds or the pieces may not fit together properly )

Step 4: Attaching the Handle and Trim

Use your drill to make holes that are slightly smaller than your screws straight through the handle, trim and core piece. Use the sheet metal screws to secure the trim pieces to the core.

Step 5: Assemble the Staff

Attach all the pvc adapters. you will be able to unscrew the male and females adapters so that you can place your flashlight or light source of your choice ( mine are two small work-lights from the automotive section at walmart inserted into small cuts in the side of the pipes). Make sure the 3/4" adapter is on the outsides.

Step 6: Adding the Cellophane to the Blade

Cut the cellophane to the length of the blades and roll it very tightly, it will unroll and hold itself in place once inserted into the blades. Once the cellophane is in place superglue the buttons onto the ends of the blades.

Step 7: Place the Blades

Insert the blades into the 3/4" adapters on the ends of the staff and your done!

Congratulations you just made your own pvc lightsaber staff!

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    3 years ago

    Very very cool! Great work!


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    Reply 3 years ago

    Im glad you like it! Its was a fun and pretty cheap project