Diy Sanding Belt



Making sanding belts can save you money as they cost less than store bought belts. You can make with any grit you like, anytime you need it.


  • Box cutter/pen knife
  • Sandpaper (cloth backed preffered)
  • Plastic backed paper
  • Glue

Step 1: Cut the Sandpaper and Plastic Backed Sandpaper

First, cut your sandpaper to width i cut mine to 10cm of 4 inches. The width will depend on what sander you are putting the belt on. Once that is done, the ends of the sandpaper can be cut at an angle. I did this on all the pieces of sandpaper except the two ends. Using some tape i put the sandpaper together and its held in place. Now, a measuring tape can be used to measure and cut the final length of the sandpaper. The se can be done for the plastic backed paper.

Step 2: Glue Up!

With the tape holding the sandpaper together the plastic backed paper can be glued to the sandpaper. Ensure that you put some weight while drying so that the paper is stuck properly. Remove any air bubbles and excess glue that may be present with a ruler. I used pva glue as it can stick to both paper and plastic. If you are using other glues, ensure that it is flexible and can bond to both paper and plastic, contact adhesive is a good alternative. Check that the ends of the sandpaper meet up properly.

Step 3: Finished!

Simply put it onto your belt sander and test it!

Tell me if you made it or like it!



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