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I have many little things at home, I think most of us have ... I used to put them in strange places and forgot about them.
I lost a lot of time for looking for for example keys, but not any more, my rhubarb's bowl is perfect place for all those needed but also very easy to lose things.

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Step 1: What Do You Need to Make This Bowl?

You need:

  1. Leaves with marked ''veins'' for example rhubarb leaves ;-) big or small one , you decide
  2. clay

Step 2: How to Receive the Pattern of the Bowl?

mix the clay with water , you should receive thick pulp (photo 1)

put the pulp on leaf , cover it with another leaf and roll it with marker (photo 2)

Step 3: How to Make the Bowl Shape?

put it on glass or different container of your choice

and leave for drying

when the clay will be dry take it off the glass

Step 4: How the Ready Bowl Looks Like?

take the leaves off , bowl is almost ready !

on photos above you can see bowl made on big leaf (photo 1)
and little leaf (photo 2)

Step 5: Optional


paint it on your favourite colours

I think the best paints for it are acrylic paints and sprays

Step 6: How Ready Painted Bowl Looks Like ?

The bowl is ready ! in my favourite colors

now is time for all those little things &(^-^)&

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago


    We want to make leaf bowls. May we have the recipe for 'cold porcelain clay', please? My sons and I have our leaves and now we need to get going on this project we've never tried before.

    Thank you!

    Cats Dragon

    3 years ago

    Nice project! I will have to go leaf hunting. I think I will make one for each season (color wise) Thank you for the post! What type of air dry clay did you use?

    1 reply
    AnielskaanieladiyCats Dragon

    Reply 3 years ago

    hello, i'm very happy you like my post:-) it's great idea, I think I will make more for my grandma esspecialy we have autumn now , I used air drying clay powder in this project, but you can also use cold porcelain clay , I have a recipe for this on my blog :-) it's much cheaper , good luck !