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Introduction: Diy Tyre Ottoman

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Hi, I made a tyre Ottoman from my old Car Tyres.

Step 1: Need to Collect Perfect Size of Tyre As Per Your Need

Wash and clean the tyre thoroughly

Step 2: Sourcing the Perfect Plywood.

a plywood of half inch will do. In India i got this plywood at reuse wood store which costed me 200Rs nearly 4$. Cut the ply in a circular shape taking proper measurements

Step 3: Drilling

Drill your lower base ply so that the tyre stays in place.

Step 4: Drill Ball Wheels

i decided to use ball wheels instead of wooden legs.

Step 5: Brushing Oil Paint

the oil paint used is Aqua Marine and white.

Step 6: Cushion

sourced right fabric and foam to make a comfy seat. used Speb 7 for pasting

Step 7:



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    2 years ago

    you could get more height by bolting 2 or more together though the side walls 6 M6/1/4" bolts and 12c penny washers per layer ought to be enough.


    2 years ago

    Please just be careful where you use anything made with old tires.

    They contain more Carcinogens & Toxins then I care to think about. Both from their manufacture & use on roadways.

    In light of "be nice" policy, this is life & death levels of toxicity. So, I'm very sorry if I seem a bummer. But, I'd hate to be complicent in anyone, particularly a child, getting ill!

    Please accept this comment, in the spirit it was intended.

    Bless you, ✌?

    8 replies

    hi thank you for the concern and m gona definitely take it in the right spirit. il take extra care with toddlers though i dont have anyone at home later im planning to put this thing on sale. so i promise to pass on the information you gave to me to whoever the ottoman goes.

    The controversy around recycled tires is mainly, and almost exclusively regarding it's use as playground mulch where it is chopped and has the metal cordage removed. Common sense says that such a product has thousands of square inches now exposed and yet no definitive research has concluded it is toxic enough to warrant disuse and removal, they all end with the caveat that further study should be performed.

    I appreciate that. You never know what reaction you'll receive, to comments made on the internet! lol
    All my best!

    I would say unless we eat or burn that tire, the carcinogenic elements are far enough from us to be safe. And the oil paint greatly helps to seal everything inside that rubber. I just wonder how long that paint will stay nice, before the rubber flexes enough to crack it.

    iv used two coats of oil paint. and even i have to check how long the paint stays.

    But, there are theories about absorption through skin. It has been proven to leach into soil, when used in gardening. Even when painted. So...?
    My real concern though, is toddlers & kids. That would rub against it. Or worse, possibly use while teething!

    Thank you, for intelligent discussion, my friend! Cheers ?

    Yeah, toddlers should be kept away from that thing. Just as from many others - but indeed, it's not safe for small kids. Hippies though, that's another matter :)

    Thats very cool of you to let people know. Right on!!


    2 years ago

    Great idea, Iooks very nice .... thank´s

    I am sharing with a preschool teacher of mine who loves to use alternative seating in her classroom. She is very crafty too! In addition, I will try to make for my home so that my children will quit fighting over the couch...and instead fight over the ottoman! lol!

    1 reply

    m so happy reading all your comments. do share and if any confusion u can ping on facebook on handle : nikhil vijay kavita sakat

    Great ottoman! I love the fact that there is storage inside of the tire. Thank you for sharing! I hope we see more from you in the future.

    1 reply

    thank you your words does inspire me to create more. i had even made a helmet from scratch but for some reasons the pictures were not getting attached.