Diy Wooden Candle Holder



Introduction: Diy Wooden Candle Holder

Days are getting shorter and darker and I love filling my home with cozy candles.
See how you can make your own wooden candle holder in just a few steps.

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Step 1: Materials

Wooden slices

Leather - I used an old leather belt

Candle holder




Step 2: Decorating the Wooden Slice

I stamped my wooden slice with letter stamps.
You could decorate it in any way or just let it be all natural.

Step 3: Leather

Cut the leather belt in the length you want and make a hole for the button

Step 4: Attach...

...all the pieces to the wooden slice with glue gun. I also painted the lower part of the wooden slice blue.

Step 5: Simple and Natural!

Step 6: Light Up Those Dark Autumn Nights!

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