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Mehndi (or mehendi or mehandi or mylanchi) is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration, most popular in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Somali land as well as expatriate communities from these areas. It is typically employed for special occasions, particularly weddings. It is usually drawn on the hands and feet, where the designs will last the longest due to the fact that it only penetrates the dead cells of the stratum corneum.

In modern era, Mehndi is also very popular for a Valentine’s Day, a formal party, ladies party or even an evening at a disco. Belly Mehndi, is an excellent modern addition to blessing way, baby shower or Belly Blessings ceremony. In its new avatar, Mehndi has been elevated to the status of body art and a fashion accessory for the fashion-conscious youngsters.

and i am here to show you how to do your own bridal henna. first i'll show you how to create some basic designs 

Step 1: Dots

you can add dots to your design anywhere you wish.i have added in descending order that is from big to small.
i think i don't want to go detail on this. 

i am sorry the picture is bit not clear

Step 2: Spiral

spiral can be used to fill empty spaces or can be used at the end of a stamen.

Step 3: Stamen

i love this, this always help me to fill empty spaces where i run out of design to put, stamen looks great with dots just like shown in the picture.

1.draw a curved line like showed in the picture
2.draw a small circle at the end of the line
3.fill the inside of the circle
4.and draw a small line outwards from the circle like showed in the picture.

Step 4: Comma

i should say it as a straight comma,its not actually a comma i didn't know what to call it :P OK any way this is something really useful in drawing flowers,blossoms and leaves and many more,in this instructable I've showed how to draw flowers and blossoms using straight comma and hopefully in future i'ables i'll show you guys how to draw leaves and etc... 

1. draw a dot
2. draw a line downwards joining the dot :)

hope you got it. if not tell me i'll make a video for it

Step 5: Petals

first i'll show you how to draw petals before starting the flower, that would make it easy :)

the petal looks like a half of a heart  </3

1 & 2 draw a half heart like shown
3 & 4. darken the top part by drawing a another line together with it
5. draw two straight comma's inside the petal

Step 6: Flower

i have showed you how to draw a spiral,a comma and petals. now to draw a flower we are going to combine all these :)

1.draw a spiral
2.out line the spiral
3.draw a line of scallops on the outline
4.draw another line of scallops on the first scallop line
5.draw the petals
6.make the top part of the petals thick
7.draw commas inside the petals

Step 7: Blossoms

we have done the flower and now we are going to move into the is very easy,in my whole bridal look i have used a alot of blossoms and will see how to draw it

1.draw a dot
2. draw a bit longer straight comma over it (see picture 2)
3. draw two straight commas either side of the first straight comma,it should be bit shorter than the 1st comma
4.continue drawing commas like shown in the picture,reduce the length little by little  when going down

Step 8: Leaf

when there is a flower,there should be a leaf to make it more beautiful 

1.draw  a leaf like shown in the picture
2. make the lines bit thicker
3. draw two lines in the middle which will end in the leaf point
4. and draw lines in the side ways 
5.draw both the sides 

Step 9: Mango

i don't know what to call it's actually a abstract design we call it as a mango because the shape is somewhat same.

1.draw a small circle
2. draw a curved line like showed in the picture.
3. and finish it like shown in the picture.
4. make the line bold and fill the small circle
5. and fill inside with spirals :)

Step 10: How It Looks on Hand

start with a freshly cleansed hands.make sure that you don't have any lotions or moisturizing creams on,that makes your henna color not develop. i already have a small arabian henna design on ma hand it's ok we will go with it :)

i have shown step by step pictures here, hope this makes clear how easy it is to do henna
if you have any questions feel free to ask me :)



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    24 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Wow this is really nice. Even i tried bridal henna design. Let me know how it looks. i learnt it from online.

    1 reply

    I call your "mango" a paisley. Pretty design! I miss doing henna, but I moved to a new town and clients here are almost non-existent. I can't easily apply it to myself, so I content myself with putting henna on stuff instead!

    3 replies

    it is a paisley i'm used to calling it a mango :P. doing henna is addictive, once you start doing you cant stop.i'm glad you like the i'able :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    What is known as 'paisely' shaped was originally called 'mango', actually. It's just that most western/European people aren't aware of the history behind traditional designs. Either way, this is absolutely gorgeous :-) I've taken classes on mendhi & have done some practicing, but my favorite is getting it done. It's a very relaxing process! Thanks very much for this instructable :-)


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you :) indeed it is relaxing and addicting. once you get started there is no stopping. thank you for stopping by xxxx


    4 years ago

    It looks beautiful!! I was also wondering is it come off after a while.

    2 replies

    5 years ago

    Where can u get the henna powder? Or do you know how it's made & from what?


    5 years ago

    I don't want to sound dumb, but what are you using to put design on yourself? It's beautiful, but I'm clueless as to what supplies I'll need to so this. Thanks for sharing... You rock!

    2 replies

    it is called henna. a paste made from kind of leaves. you can buy then online. check the link below,hope that helps :) have a nice day


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very well done! I'd suggest clearer photos, capital letters, and perhaps add on how to make henna body paste.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i am soo sorry about the picture quality,i did it on a plastic clear file, camera flash is reflected that is why the pictures are not clear. I'm sorry I'll try to make another instructable with clear pictures :)