Dog Booster Car Seat (NO SEW)




Introduction: Dog Booster Car Seat (NO SEW)

There are a few dog seats here but I figured I could add mine to give people more ideas to make their own!

For the record, these dog seats are NOT crash tested. They're more of a toy for your dog than an actual safety gadget, even if I tried to make it as safe as possible. I only use mine for short trips where my car won't go above 40-50kph. Otherwise my dog goes in a hard shelled kennel strapped on the trunk. You can use dog seats safely, just be smart about it!

Also, this is a NO SEW diy...! I'm hopeless with a sewing machine, but if you know how to use one, you can make the seat look more professional :)

I had enough materials to make two of them (the pink one for a friend) so you may see mixed pictures but the process is the same! Overall I spent around 25$ per basket

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
-Laundry Basket according to your dog size (mine is a round sterilite 1.5)
-A yard of polar fleece ( got mine on a fabrics store but a blanket should work)
-Colorful polar fleece blanket for pillow (my dogs tried the pillows to ensure comfiness! :))
-Cheap pillow
-Polifoam 1 inch thick
-Sticky back velcro roll
-Dog leash
-Padded dog harness
-Masking tape
-Scissors that will cut through polar fleece (mine are medical ones but any fabrics scissor should work)

Step 2: Measure the Polifoam

Measure the polifoam and cut it so it sits just below the lip of the laundry basket. It doesn't need to be perfect. The basket might 'float' a little if it's narrower on the bottom. This is fine. I also cut a small strip of polifoam for the inside of the basket, mainly the upper part to make it more cushiony

Step 3: Tape!

Secure the polifoam with masking tape. Make sure to use the plastic lip of the basket as an 'anchor' for the polifoam! That way it wont move around

Step 4: Fleece!

Add the polar fleece around the basket. Use masking tape to keep it in place for now ( we'll remove it later!) try to make the bottom as smooth as possible and stuff all the 'extra' fabric on the inside of the basket. You can cut the extra if you want, but I left it inside since it will be covered with the pillow

Step 5: Velcro Time!

Now, smooth the fleece as much as you can and place the velcro on the place where the two sides meet. After securing that, flip the basket over and tuck the remaining fleece between the basket and the polifoam. Secure with a small strip of velcro.
Remove all the masking tape on the fleece

Step 6: Leash

To add the leash just thread the leash on the bottom holes of the basket from the inside. Make sure it's long enough to be comfortable for you dog but it won't allow them to jump out! After you're done measuring and threading, slide the metal clip through the hoop to secure it

Step 7: Pillow

Take your pillow and just drap the blanket over it. Take all the extra fabric and bunch it below the pillow. Put this inside the basket. Make sure it' smooth on top. Remeber to keep the leash on top of the pillow

Step 8: Seat Belt

Take you almost finished basket and place it in you car. Measure the seat belt and cut the fabric to allow the seat belt to go inside the holes of the basket. This will keep the basket from dancing around or go flying in case of a brake

Step 9: Let' Go for a Ride!

Finally, take the padded harness and clip your dog to the seat. Remember to NEVER use the collar, or you might snap your dog's neck or choke him/her.

NOTE: my dog is wearing a regular harness in this picture because I can't find a padded one in my country! Please use the safest one you can find. The more padding, the more safe your dog is!

Now you're done! Enjoy your dog seat!

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    5 years ago

    Thanks! On a side-note, your dog might like it as a bed too! Mine took over the one I made for a friend and won't leave it no matter what I do! :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work! This looks like a cozy spot for your pup. Thanks for sharing this!