Domo Costume

Introduction: Domo Costume

My daughter wanted to be Domo, for Halloween last year. Well after we made a cool zombie hunter gun for my son's costume the year before what could I say. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Pleas enjoy, it was a daddy daughter project, we had a blast.

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Step 1: How?

we had to find a box, just about the same size as her shoulders. Then we cut arm holes and a large hole for her head.

Step 2: Taking / Making Shape

Now, what does Domo look like. After searching the internet for a Domo that she liked, we started to create the signature rounded shape of the head using cardboard and, of course, duct tape. Drawing the shape for the front and back, we then cut the cardboard to shape. wrapping the top to shape from left to right.

Step 3: The Skin

Using spray adhesive we slowly began to wrap the cardboard in brown felt material. Our first task was to wrap the inside with red felt, to create the signature wide mouth look of Domo.

Step 4: Test Fit

At this point we had her try it on again. We had to pad the shoulders a bit. We used just a terry cloth towel to raise her shoulders a bit.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

We cut a triangular pattern in a strip of cardboard for the upper and lower teeth, painted them white and hot glued them into the mouth area. Then, for the eyes, we cut two soda cans. Using the bottom of the soda cans we tacked a small piece of wood in each for strength and a solid mounting point. I then ran a small bolt out from the piece of wood through the body. once the bolt holes were cut and the the wood secure to to can, i painted each one black.

When all the glue and paint was dry we mounted the eyes ad had a really cool Domo costume.

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