Drawer Organizer Dividers From Wallet Cards




Introduction: Drawer Organizer Dividers From Wallet Cards

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This instructable will show you how to create new dividers for drawer part storage organizers with store loyalty cards or other junk in your wallet.

I was trying to make sense out of my chaos that was several types of bolts and screws, and I didn't have enough dividers in my organizer drawer trays. So I was thinking what I could use to replace them, and I opened my wallet... voila'! New dividers in my trays!

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Step 1: You Will Need...

1. A store loyalty card or other plastic card (didn't want to cut up my credit card, but a cc would work very well.)
2. A straight edge (I used a putty knife)
3. A marking instrument (pencil works fine)
4. A razor knife
5. A measuring stick (ruler, tape, etc)
6. Fine grit sandpaper (optional)

Step 2: Measure & Mark

Measure your trays to find the length you need to cut your loyalty card. Mark a line with your pencil and a straightedge.

Step 3: Cut to Length

Score the card with a razor and a straight edge ensuring a good clean cut. Be sure to use a sharp knife, but be very careful cutting with a razor. Flip it over and cut it all the way through. Sand the edges with fine grit paper if desired.

Step 4: Mark & Cut in Half

Measure the card and mark a line in the exact center. Mine measured 2 1/8", so I cut them into 1 1/6" sections. Use a straight edge to mark and cut the lines to make them clean. If your drawer trays are deeper than 1", measure the depth and cut the card accordingly.

Step 5: Finished!

Slide the cards into the tray slots, if they bow in the center, sand them down to fit with fine grit sandpaper. Fill the new trays with parts and get organized!

A handy tip-- toss a small magnet in each tray compartment when you have ferrous materials such as small nuts & bolts or screws, and they will stay in a glob in the center of the tray and not get scattered around.

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