Drill Powered Go Kart





Introduction: Drill Powered Go Kart

Drill powered Go Kart for kids.

Video of build and Go Kart in action:

Part list:

  • 21mm plywood
  • cordless screwdriver
  • wheelbarrow wheels
  • skateboard wheel bearings
  • screws
  • tubes
  • old bike parts - wheel hub, chain, chainrings

Tools used:

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill/ screwdriver
  • Router

Step 1: Steering and Frame

At first I made frame/ steering part template on cardboard and checked if front wheels moves as expected. Then cut our frame parts and steering wheel out of plywood.

Step 2: Drivetrain

  • In wheels made groove for bearings and pressed them in.
  • Drilled 4 holes in wheel disc and screwed bike chainring.
  • Heated up axle bolt and melted it in acrylic. Then cut acrylic round and screwed chainring. Drilled hole between axle and bold and put screw there, so it don't unscrew.
  • Put chain on.

Step 3: Screwdriver Holder

Measured screwdriver dimensions and cut holder out of plywood.

Step 4: Seat

Seat also is made plywood

Step 5: Painting

When everything was tested, took everything apart and painted in grey / black.

Step 6: Closeups / Details

Other projects you can find on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7-pEsvU_GNoOkYGADyB3w

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20 Discussions


24 days ago

Done!! Thanks for the Nice project!


Hey, love the idea of this. My 5 year old son and I would like to make it, do you have exact measurements anywhere?

As NightHunter300 said below, you could have a reverse setting! Just make a c-shaped part on a post so it can swivel back and forth. The ends of the C push the reverse switch on either side with a brake cable, just like you did with the pedal.


In left bottom corner there is pdf button - that should work.

Do you think this possible to do with beginners?
How long would it take to make?
How much would it cost?

1 more answer

Yes, we buid it with 3 years old.
I guess it can be done in 2 days of slow work. Can’t say how much it took for me - build it in free time randomly.
Cost depend on do you have any parts for build or not. I bought only wheels and some screws spending on total under 20eur. Was trying to use/ reuse parts and materials I already had.
Before build I suggest to make prototype from cardboard - it helps a lot later.

This is fantastic.
I would like to build one.
Any plan for adding breaks to the cart ?

1 reply

You are a master at making things work in the simplest way, often thinking outside the box. My only suggestion would be to add some kind of guard to keep little fingers away from the chain and gears.

1 reply

That is SO cool!! Wish I'd seen that when my grandson was about 4 or 5. He's too big now.

As I am watching the build video, I begin to wonder- 'I wonder IF he is going to use the SAME drill that he's been using for the build to....'
NICE...very nice touch.

Nice idea!
You are a Wonderful master.

Very well done!

Dude, the best part of this little go cart, is that it also has a reverse setting! Just switch the drill direction, and you can have it going backwards as well! Over all, it's an awesome build. Nice Job!

amazing work, congrats!

It's a big chance to win the grand prize, SimpleRandom! I trust you will get the grand prize.