Drinking Bottle Rabbit



This instructable will shows you how to make a drinking bottle that can be used by rabbits, using 3D-printed parts.

Step 1: What Are the Needs

First of all we need the 3D-printed parts (2 parts).

You also need a metal marble.

As last you need a plastic bottle (recycle waste).

Step 2: Put the Marble in the Shell

The little diameter of the shell will depand on the diameter of the marble.

The marble is used as a check valve.

Step 3: Place the Hanger on the Bottle

The second printed part is the hanger. You have to place this on the bottle. (diameter depands on the bottle)

Step 4: Fill Up With Water

Fill the bottle with water.

Step 5: Shell on Bottle

Put on the shell.

The big diameter of the shell depends on the bottle.

Step 6: Hang It Up

Hang up the bottle to the fence.

Step 7: Ready to Drink

Now your rabbit can drink from the the water.

He will lick on the marble. The marble lifts up and the water can pass.



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