Duck-tales . . . Woo Hooo!!!

Introduction: Duck-tales . . . Woo Hooo!!!

I hand made all of these ducks - literally hand stitched everything as I do not own a sewing machine, so the hours seemed endless, but the results were worth it. Webby Vanderquack, Launchpad, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and of course none other than Uncle scrooge. The weather was miserable out here in Canada, but we roughed through it! Funniest part of the night was probably when Uncle Scrooge went outside for a smoke and his glasses kept fogging up each time he came back inside! The cane also becamse necessary by the end of the night for balance! Even had a pot of gold in Uncle scrooges basket - full of gold chocolate loonies and fake green bills.

How I made them:
1) I bought a ton of cheap white towels from Wal mart - this was actually cheaper than buying material from a fabric store. I then cut out a pattern, and copied the pattern onto each towel to make the remaining ducks. I then bought a bunch of stuffing, and stuffed the insdie of the heads and the bottoms. I place touques with strings inside each head so that they would could be tied onto our heads and stay in place, along with velcro lining to secure under the chin.
2)for the face, I cut up cheap hats from the dollor store to make the duck bills. I cut the rim of the hat off and covered it with yellow material and then sewed them onto the face. The remaining eyes and mouth were made with felt and sewn onto the face.
3) the Duck feet (also all stitched by hand) were made with a yellow blanket, and I sewed elastics around them so they would secure to our ankles as we walked.

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    Those look great! I haven't even thought about that show in so long. Thanks for the reminder :)