Duct Tape Hammock




Introduction: Duct Tape Hammock

This red, white, and blue hammock is the perfect place to relax on the 4th of July!

Step 1: The Pieces

3 x roll Scotch duct tape
2 x wooden dowel (48" x 1" diameter)

Step 2: The Set-Up

Since this hammock is woven, and duct tape is as sticky as, well, duct tape, a rigid set-up is necessary. I used a wooden table I had built and screwed 2x4 scraps (12" long) to the sides then attached the dowel with another screw.The distance between the points of attachment of the dowel will be slightly more than your hammock width. My final width was about 34".

Step 3: Long Loops

Roll tape out sticky-side up. run under dowels on each end.

Step 4: Folding Over

Press tape down onto itself one one side, then roll out enough tape to complete the loop and press the loop together.

Step 5: Lots of Long Loops

Continue making loops, close but not touching, until full width is reached. Stagger tape joints.

Step 6: Marking for Weaving

The important thing to remember before starting to weave is that the side facing up is the bottom. Take a ruler and mark where the tape edges go on the outer two loops of each side of the hammock. To duplicate my pattern, start on the outside with a mark about 2" from the end, then make a mark every 7.5". Move to the inside loop and make a mark 5.75" from the end, then make marks every 7.5" inches.

Step 7: Weaving

I used a piece of 1/2" PVC (you could use a broom handle) to seperate my loops then used the ruler as a shuttle to pass between them. Making these loops is the same as before, sticky side up then fold over. Be careful not to pull the outside loops in when you fold over.

Step 8: Weave Set-up

Be careful when weaving duct tape, it will hang up given half a chance.

Step 9: Bottom Side of the Weave

When weaving is finished it will look like this. Remember, at this point the bottom side is still up. Only the top side of the loop is woven. The bottom side (visible here) is stuck down all the way across. Also notice how the weaves shift up and down. This is because I have an even number of long loops. With an odd number it would shift inside and out.

Step 10: Attach Rope

Make a triangular rope support for each end of the hammock. The length of the rope will be approximately 10' and tied to the hammock on either side.

Step 11: Securing the Hangers

You wouldn't want the ropes to slip so secure them with...wait for it...duct tape! Tape over the dowel, the knot, and the dowel on the other side of the knot.

Step 12: Enjoy!

Find some suitable trees, hang the hammock, and relax...or fake relaxing, like my son in the picture.

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    28 Discussions

    Thanks for sharing. Love this idea!!!

    Wonderful! Is it weatherproof and -- is it a little sticky to lie in?

    1 reply

    duct tape is waterproof and if u tape duct tape sticky to sticky it will make wats called a fabric which will not be sticky

    Your failure point will be the two dowels snapping in the middle, a traditional hammock has ropes all along the dowel to a central ring or know.


    OMG i was going to do that but i dedint have any were to hang it so i coldint do it thats frusterating.well congrats to you.

    what type of rope did you use, the hardware store was of no use in pickin out the proper rope? Thanks.

    1 reply

    I used some 1/2" braided nylon rope I happened to have laying around. I had used it to pull a tree over and figured it was strong enough. Sorry I can't be more specific as far as the load rating.

    AWESOME!!! Did the tape stretch much when you used it or do you think it will?
    Very cool though. After you do replace the dowels I wonder how much weight the tape can stand? Still this is a winner in my eyes. I will come back and vote for you when I can.

    1 reply

    PS, my dowels are 2" x 72", & will hopefully support one big person, or 2 150 - 165 pound people. I plan on having the rope attach to a metal ring from several points along the dowel, so as to even out the body weight, so they wont's bend as in the picture. I also figure 2" dowels are pretty hard to bend. I'll post an instructable when done. I'm using black & white tape.

    when this contest first came out the first idea i had was to make a duck tape hammock. but i never did it. now you did one and its preety cool. hope you win something.

    The 2 ropes on each stick are about 40" apart. If you add another 2 ropes
    about 14" apart , then the whole family can use it at the same time
    without any bending.