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Introduction: Duct Tape Knife Sheath Build

I got the idea for this project after I made a knife. I wanted to make a leather knife sheath to be able to use the knife that I had made, but leather is expensive and hard to work with. I figured that I could make the knife sheath the same way that I was going to, just use sheets of duct tape instead of leather. Another benefit of making a duct tape knife sheath is that there is no sewing, you just use the stickiness of the tape.

Step 1: Materials

The only materials that you need for this project is duct tape, scissors, and a knife to make the sheath for. You can use any color of duct tape, but I already had silver.

Step 2: Base Sheet

This is the sheet of duct tape that the back of the knife will rest on. To make this, I just laid about 4 strips of duct tape down, sticky side up and overlapping each other, then covered the strips of tape up with more tape, sticky side down. After that, I trimmed the tape into a neat rectangle.

Step 3: Make and Trim Top Sheet

This is the part of the sheath that covers the top of the blade to hold the knife blade in. This piece is made the same way as the base sheet, by having two layers of tape, sticky sides facing each other. Then, trim the top sheet to be the same shape as the knife blade, but slightly bigger.

Step 4: Connect the Pieces

Now that the top and bottom pieces are made, they need to be connected so that there is a pocket for the blade to sit in. Since the blade is fairly small, I was able to use a single strip of tape to connect the top and bottom sheets.

Step 5: Handle Loop

To hold the knife in securely, I made a simple loop for the handle to slide through with a half strip of duct tape. On the inside, I put another half strip of tape, sticky side in, so that the tape won't stick to the handle.

Step 6: Belt Loop

On the other side of the knife sheath, I made a belt loop the same way as the handle loop, but with a full strip of tape. This way, the sheath can be held on a belt.

Step 7: Finish

With just a few feet of duct tape, you can make a fully working knife sheath. In the end, it was completely worth it to build this knife sheath because of the ease of construction and extremely low price of the materials compared to leather. Now, I will be able to use my knife outside.

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