Duct Tape Money Pocket



Introduction: Duct Tape Money Pocket

I'm going to be making a trifold money pocket. it only holds bills.

Step 1: What You Need

you need 4 index cards, scissors, and duct tape.
x acto knife is optional.

Step 2: Tape Two

tape two index cards together at half way.
then do the same for the other two.

Step 3: Tape Up the Middle

tape up the parts that don't meet so that the don't open.

Step 4: Tape Again

tape the two pieces that you have together. then tape the others so no sticky parts are left. then tape the other side together. then tape one end that's left open together.

Step 5: Cover Empty Spots

cover all the spots that have no tape. leave the one end open.

Step 6: Add Velcro

add Velcro to each side and stick together.

Step 7: Follow Me

follow me and love this project. also check out the other things I've made.

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