Duct Tape Boat!




Introduction: Duct Tape Boat!

This weekend project will amaze your friends and provide loads of enterianment. It proves that duct take can do any thing. 

Project time: About 5 hours

20 rolls of duct tape.
Hog panneling.
About 200 zip-ties.
Four (to make the inside not sticky).
Optional trolling motor.

Step 1: The Frame.

 Begin makeing the frame by laying out a length of hog paneling and bending one end up 45 degrees and  bending the opposite end up 90 degrees.this will be the botom, back and front of the boat.  
Then lay several lengths of hog paneling perpendicular to the bace and zip tie them to the bace using ample zip ties.
Then proceed to bend the  sides of the hog paneling up to form the walls of the boat.
Once  zip tied into the proper shape Trim excess to make smooth edged and the right boat like shape.
 Then atach foam to the edges to prevent any sharp metal from poking a hole in the boat.

Step 2: The Taping.

Begin the taping process by starting on the back edges of the boat.
Then using the buddy system tape across the boat horizontally by handing the tape across the body of the boat.
Make sure to over lap the tape about 1/2 of an inch to create the water proof shell.
Then after you have gone up the entire length of the boat repeat the process coing lengthwise down the boat and repeat until you are out of tape.  
After you are done sprinkle some powdered flour on the inside of the boat to get rid of any sticky factor that you find annoying.

Step 3: Testing

Carefully launch the boat as not to rip any tape.
Remember to check for any dangers to the boat or you before launching.

Side Notes:
This model holds three people and small cooler in the hollow nose of the craft
There are no pictures of this but i recently added a gorilla tape shell to the bottom, up the sides
About 6 inches and on the botom of the nose. this "stick proofed" the craft and it can take a hit From sticks at moderate speed (  ie like 3 mph havent tried faster)
With one person and a 55lb. thrust trolling motor we clocked it at 5 -6 mph.

Step 4: Reapairs ( If Needed) and Add Ons

This is the true glory of the craft. if for some reason you can manage to poke a hole throughthe layers of tape, all you need to fix it is duct tape. then go the the inside and also use a glue to repair from the inside.

Add ons:
Cup holders ( glued into Poisson).
Lawn chairs ( place plywood in the bottom on the hog paneling so the legs cant poke through).
Bigger motor( because going faster is better).
Drink cooler ( in this model it fits in the hollow nose of the boat).
Fishing pole holders(glued on or zip-tied).
Wooden floor (makes it nice).
Sail (would require the wooden floor for mounting).
An out rigger( for extra balance in rough water/ if hallow storage).
Colored tape/ spray paint.
On the inside a form of spray adhesive can be used to seal the inside ( Note: this is NOT needed for success but if one is paranoid it could help fix/ prevent a leak).

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    where the people sit there are two layers of hog paneling stacked so you aren't sitting on any sticky and the sticky of the innermost layer wheres off but the tape stays on. its strange but the boat i build iv been using for 6 months with no leaks.

    also i added flower to the inside to remove sticky and i edited this to state the step

    you could also add a layer of tape to the inside, facing out.

    the one flaw with duct tape, fixed with more duct tape. Gotta love it.

    I am presuming you meant flour, not flower? Although Flowers inside would make for a "pretty boat", it would be a bi girlie for my tastes. Your tastes may vary though.
    Duct tape boat + rose petals = the handyman's loveboat?

    that you for catching the typo and adding a layer to the inside faceing out would be do in some spots there are places where the hog panneling is so think that the tape would only stik to the panneling

    You could also do it like mythbusters did and put the fist layer on sticky side out and the second layer sticky side in.
    both layers would be on the same side of the wire, and it would help prevent any leaks.

    we thought about dooing that but the way we desinged it there were few practical ways to do this but even with only one layer of tape we had no leaks because we over laped about a 1/2 inch of the tape and then after the first test we used the rest of the tape to add more layers and leaks became near imposable

    Not bad kid, not bad!

    How long Will it work? Like is the tape going to lose its stickiness or something ?

    you should add pvc pipe for the fishing pole holder.

    wut wood wrk 4 the fishin pol holdr is a small pees uv pvc pipe (& i noe nice spelin rite).

    wut wood wrk 4 the fishin pol holdr is a small pees uv pvc pipe (& i noe nice spelin rite).

    Interesting and innovative project.

    You could probably buy a canoe off Craigslist with the money you spent on the tape and the other supplies though. It would also have a better resale value too.

    Great project to say you built it out of duct tape though.

    1 reply

    but it is a duck tape boat, you cannot get better than that, you also get bragging rights, it is just to awesome to be beat by a canoe of craig's list.