Duct Tape E-reader Flip Cover

Introduction: Duct Tape E-reader Flip Cover

This is my new duct tape e-reader cover.  I wanted to make something that was easy to access and could hold my new e-reader light.  I have a Nook but I'm sure this will work with most other readers on the market as most of the measuring I did was using the reader itself during construction.  If you have never used duct tape for craft projects it is very easy to get the hang of and it is also easy to cover up mistakes with more tape or just rip off the bad pieces. 

Two pieces of 1/8" plywood
Duct tape: color of your choosing
Scissors or wheel cutter

I use a roller cutter and plastic mat for cutting my tape.  I think it is way easier than scissors.

Step 1: Make the Backing Boards

I used 1/8" plywood that was bought from a craft store.  It was originally 6x12 so I measured the length of the reader and cut off about 3-3/4" from the long end.  Also, depending on how you cut the wood, put some tape along your cut line to lessen any blow-outs on the very thin wood.  I used a circular saw and it work out pretty well.

I made the bottom corner holders out of tape that I folded over three times so there are no sticky parts showing.  These are about 4" long.

I decided to used some felt under my tape to give it a little sponginess.  I put the tape under the board and made a relief cut then folded the tape back to create a cleaner look.

continue taping the boards until the are completely covered.  I used one long piece to wrap around the entire board long ways.

using the reader, measure for the bottom corner holders and tape down making sure to reinforce with several pieces of tape as these will hold the reader in place and must support its weight.

Step 2: Light Slot

Just got this new light so I wanted to make a little slot for it to fit in under the reader. 

For this I used a piece of tape cut to the size of the light flange and stuck that to another piece of tape, sticky sides together. 

turn this piece over and tape down to the backing board.  this will create a little slot for the light flange.  I made this kind of tight so the light will stay in the slot.

Step 3: Attach Upper Corner Holders

I made these out of pieces of elastic about 4" long in the same way you make the bottom ones. 

This may take some trial and error to get the right tension and spacing on the elastic to it holds on the corner good and tight.

Step 4: Attach Top Cover and Cover Elastic

Place the top board over reader and measure for the width of tape.  Tape the two boards together making sure its not too tight and then open the cover and place the more tape, sticky side to sticky side. 

I used a little tape to hold down the elastic corner holders to keep them out of my way while making the hinge part.

For the elastic cover holder I cut about twice the width of the board and taped the ends down making sure there was good tension to hold everything in place and then reinforced that with more tape.

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