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Introduction: Dwarven Helmet Mod

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Hello friends!

I'm going to show you how to change your common helmet into a dwarven helmet!

The main reason why have I done this to my helm is, that I needed something for a dwarven costume and my helmet doesn't much fit the dwarven setting. The second reason is that it looks cooler :D

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need following items:

  • Helmet (obviously :D ) - the best helmets for this are nasal helmets, viking, spangen etc. But it can be done on almost on every type of helm. It just depends on your creativity! :) I did it with my vendel helmet.
  • Leather
  • Some glue (hot glue)
  • Golden paint or spray
  • Knife, scissors
  • Paper and pencil
  • Modeling thermoset clay

Step 2: Sketching

This is the most important step. You can make as many sketches and stencils as you want, but leather and clay are quite an expensive materials, so you should cut and use it when you are 100% sure.

I made fake ribs on the top of the helm and then some beard shape on the front.

Step 3: Fake Ribs

Take a piece of thermoset clay and start forming some fake ribs. It's a little tricky, but I'm sure you can make it! I made two same ribs on the sides and then one on the front.

Make a basic shape and then make some holes and shapes into it.

When you are done with shaping just put it in the boiling water. I wasn't able to take out the clay from helmet easily, so I used a string and slowly cut it from it.

When it's hard you can adjust it with a knife. Then take your paints and do some paintjob. I used golden spray and then shaded it with acrylic colors.

After that simply glue it with hotglue on the helmet.

Step 4: Beard

Now you can also add some fake beard. I made them from a leather. After painting it looks just like a sheet metal.

Draw the shape of your helmet and then do some sketching. Then cut the pattern and put it on the leather. After that cut the leather and make some decoration. Then take your spray/paint and give it some paintjob.

As you can see, my beard part is silver although I have used golden spray. Silver particles stayed on the leather but yellow color just ran away :D But it looks good either. After that I shaded it with acrylic colors.

Then take your glue and attach it on the helmet.

I left the goatee part for better comfort.

Step 5: The End

Voila ! Now you are ready to battle as a dwarf :)

If you made it well, the hot glue will hold the parts during battle. And when you want your old helmet back, they can be easily removed with force and/or heating. Then just use a sand paper to get rid of the glue remains!

You can make the whole "helmet decoration" from real material. You can cast the ribs from metal and make beard from a sheet and then attach it to the helmet with rivets. But I wanted to used it again with an old look :)

I hope you like this instructable and that it was helpful!

If you have any questions or compliments just write a comment! :)



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    25 Discussions

    cool idea,i made it from cardboard and it still looks awsome,good job eldalote!!!

    i'm curious where you got the actual helmet. I'm looking for one exactly like that one, and haven't had much luck

    2 replies

    Well, I ordered it here http://zbroj.7x.cz/ ;)

    Ja se picnu - letaky z Kauflandu :-D :-D i ten obal z Moduritu uz me trknul :-D Krasna prace :-)

    1 reply

    Another interesting and unusual option is something I 'discovered' ( I assume someone has done this before, but it was new to me) I was making some origami Christmas ornaments that I wanted to be metallic, but tin-foil does not lend itself to origami. My solution was to use 3M spray adhesive to glue the foil, shiny side out, to a sheet of news paper. I put foil on both sides of the news paper, and to my surprise, found I had created a fairly tough material that behaved like a cross between leather and paper. It had a weight and strength like a thin leather, but held a crease like good paper stock. I think that using a couple more layers of news paper would enable a person to 'emboss' the surface with patterns as well. The point is, it is cheep and easy to make, and could have a lot of uses.

    That's a good idea too, but I'm not sure, if tin foil would survive the battle :/ :D Although it must be great for decoration, so I guess in this case it can be used on some little stressed areas :)

    Great idea! I'll try it next time! But I'm not sure what will happen with clay if I would dip it in molten solder. I'm scared it could burn or melt as well... But still definitely going to try it! :D

    If you had built the original helmet yourself then this would be 10x cooler, bit it's still 1x cool :D

    4 replies

    Yeah, you are totally right! But I wanted to use my helmet again the regular way :D So I didn't make the "decoration" permanent. And I also live in an apartment without any hardwork tools, so I can't imagine myself as an armourer :D

    Great job on the modification though, it looks really "dwarven", I've always wanted to do the whole blacksmith thing but I'm only 16, so I want to learn as much as I can now and when I've got the money, then I can start.

    if you want to get some feel for the type of metalwork just try cold smithing sometime, i've made my own helmet(not that well) with just some platesteel and tools i had lying around so you dont need a forge to have at least some experience with smithing.

    Hold on to your dream! I wanted to be a blacksmith too. And make knives and swords and armor...but I'm already 21 and I still don't have resources and space and knowledge :D. I hope you will became what you want! :)

    Well, I still say you would make a better elf. You are the shaq of dwarves, and a skinny shaq at that. But, since I cant talk you out of dwarfism, rise the the occasion and either:

    a) Put on 40 lbs. Realistic, but not a hit with the ladies; or

    b) Put something under your armor to make you LOOK like you put on 40 lbs. Not as realistic, but you will still have a girlfriend.

    The helmet is KEWL! I love the design. You might consider doing gloves next. You already have bracers, so thats the logical next step.

    1 reply

    Well, thanks for advices! First, thanks for calling me skinny. If you would see me in a real life, you woudln't call me that. But yes, I agree that I don't have body proportions of a dwarf. So even it's really impractical, I'll try to stuff my belly next time! Because if I would gain 40lbs my gf would totally leave me :D

    Btw I have gloves. I don't know if you have ever been in a battle, but it would be a suicide to go fighting without them!

    Anyway thanks for a comment! I'll improve it!

    PS: Right know I'm starting my Rohirrim soldier project, so I hope my body will match this time! :D

    "I cannot jump the distance, you'll have to toss me.... don't tell the elf."