Dying a Synthetic Wig With Fabric Dye

Introduction: Dying a Synthetic Wig With Fabric Dye

This is a simple quick easy way to dye your synthetic wig with no trouble.

Step 1: Items You'll Need

I did not take any photos sadly but I do have a video.

***Also RIT now makes a synthetic dye for this process as well. I am not sure how well its works as I have not used it.

*Synthetic Wig that is heat resistant

* fabric dye of your choice (I chose RIT)

*pot and stove



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    4 Discussions

    ive tried this. My wig is not as it was before. Its not super dry and fluffy and curly. It was straight. Will straitening work???? Or is it too hot for the wig? And how do i fix the fluffiness and dryness?

    Awesome thanks :) I have a kairi (kh wig) that needs to be darkened. I chose a rit dye from joanns. I just hope its gonna make it darker.

    That looks really good! So you mentioned that the lighter dyes don't work, can you get the hair darker with the darker dyes or does it come out light no matter how long you dye the hair for?

    1 reply

    nope the longer you leave the hair in dye the darker it will come out. I am not sure if it is the same deal with the synthetic dyes however they may work differently.

    you can also darken hair with coffee and tea