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Hi Guys

I have made this Dynamic light Desk lamp that will keep the environment around you live and soothing and happening. You can choose the color of light with remote controller and change it according to your mood, and also the pattern of light effects. This lamp is made out of readily available parts and very easy to make but the show it performs is really awesome.

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Step 1: Take Any 1.5 Liter Cold Drink Bottle and Cut It As Shown

Take any transparent cold drink bottle and cut it into two as shown

Step 2: Make a Small Hole at the Base of the Bottle

Make about 3mm hole at the bottom of the bottle that you will understand it later for what

Step 3: Take Any Plastic Container Probably Opaque

Take any plastic container probably opaque so that no light should escape out of it. Make a big hole on top of it as marked for our bottle to fix it right into it.

Step 4: Paint the Top and Bottom With Black Paint

I painted top and bottom parts with black paint also took one earthen lid for the lampshade and painted it black.

Step 5: Fixing the Bottle Into Base Container Part

Fix the bottle as shown in the figure and hot glue it from the bottom side.

Step 6: Hot Glue Aquarium Bubbling Stone in Bottle

Hot glue aquarium bubbling stone in bottle and make it water tight.

Step 7: Install Electronics Air Pump to Base

Install electronics and air pump to the base add switches one for the pump and one for the light controller. All of them will work on five volts supply so added USB supply break up the board to the base along with that.

Step 8: Apply RGB LED Strip to the Base of Bottle

Apply RGB LED strip to the base of the bottle as shown in the above picture and also taking care that the hot glue does not fill too much that it hinders light coming out of the strip. Connect the pipe from air pump to base of the lamp and fill in the water inside of it.

Step 9: Put on the Lampshade Lid

Put on the lampshade lid made up of clay and also painted black as I said earlier. Now you are ready to rock and roll.

Step 10: Here Are Some of the Pictures of the Dynamic Desk Lamp and Video

I hope that you loved reading this instructable and tempted in making one on your own. Thanks for reading and your precious time. Take care.

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    7 months ago

    Good idea! One possible change... bring the hose for the air stone down from the top. If you run the air line down the center, the rising bubbles will hide it AND that way there's o chance of a leak.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 months ago

    Thanks for your appreciation. Actually what you mentioned was my idea initially but I did not want that the hosepipe to be trailing in from top of the lamp or from sides but what you said will definitely simplify the design and also eliminate any leaks. Once again thanks for your interest and time ...


    7 months ago

    Done, good job dear,wish you grand success in your mission.

    1 reply
    brad ley

    7 months ago

    Nice build
    Can you please post a link for the air pump? Thanks in advance.

    1 reply