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Introduction: EASY Camera Handle

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Hi everyone!

In this FAST and EASY ible I'm going to show you how to make a camera handle in just 5 minutes for 0$.

A camera handle it's basically a handle that helps you to keep better any action camera with just one hand, this means also that your videos will come out without shaking.

The one i'm going to build will work with any kind of camera! Action cameras, compact cameras, GoPro, reflex ecc.

(look here a micbergsma's video that show you how to film steady with a camera handle like this)

Let's go to the next step to see the few parts that you are going to need to build this fantastic handle.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


- old paint roller

- 1/4" screw

- washer

- normal nut

- flat nut

- rubber gasket from a bottle of beer


- long screwdriver

- pliers

Step 2: Prepare the Paint Roller

This is a really fast step that will take just two minutes.

With the help of the pliers extract the metal bar and keep the handle.

Quickly enlarge a little the hole till it's large enough to let the screw pass through the handle and you are ready to assemble everything.

Step 3: Assemble Everything

Insert the screw from the bottom of the handle and keep it in place with a long screwdriver.

Now add the washer, the normal nut, and keeping the nut in place with the pliers, tighten the screw with the screwdriver.

Finally you can add the flat nut that will work as a base for the cameras that you are going to screw on.

NOTE: I found helpful to add a rubber gasket because it will fill the extra space between the flat nut and the camera (specially the compact ones), and it will help to keep it stable.

P.S. If you want to make it more professional, you can add a handlebar grip tape like those used in pro bikes. (photo#3)

GoPro tip:If you have a GoPro don't worry!! You just need to screw (over the rubber gasket) a tripod mount adapter, on which you can mount your GoPro camera. (photo#3)

Step 4: Finish!! Have Fun With Your New Camera Handle

As I promised you in just 5 minutes you have built a camera handle without spending a dollar.

What are you waiting for??

Go out, enjoy yourself and make a lot of better videos with your homemade camera handle.

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!


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    anyway good tutorial to recicle things. thank you!