EL Wire on Bike Tire



Introduction: EL Wire on Bike Tire

This is how to add EL wire to your bike tire.  Fairly simple and very straight forward. 


el wire with battery pack
electrical tape
zip ties (cable ties)
hot glue and hot glue gun

Mount the Battery pack on the center part of the tire, stringing the lead out to the edge. Secure the pack with the clip, if it has one, and cable ties.  Wrap the lead around a spoke, and tape the end to the spoke, leaving enough room to plug in the EL Wire.

String the EL Wire between the spokes, hot gluing along the way. Glue the wire to the spoke and the rim.  I found it easiest to glue one side completely, and then flip and glue the other.  If you have extra wire, as I did, you can either choose to double it up on the rim, or loop it in the middle. 

If done properly, it should look really cool and even help improve your visibility!  Enjoy getting looks while riding at night!

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