EZ Remote Controlled Boat

Introduction: EZ Remote Controlled Boat

Here are some instructions to make an easy R/C boat in less than 10 Min. If you have some old R/C servos lying around and a R/C car Tx and Rx this is perfect. Other materials include a takeout box (I used one from a Mexican food restaurant), and a small battery. You can use a lot of different batteries for this, like a small 1S lipo or several AA batteries strung together. This boat uses "thrust vectoring" to turn. In fact, it can turn 360 degrees with ease. Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Step 1: Materials

You Will Need:

  • A take out box lid. (Make sure it floats!)
  • Some sort of material for the servos to sit on.
  • A battery. (I used a 1 cell lipo from a micro quad.)
  • A receiver and a transmitter. (Rx and Tx respectively.)
  • 2 Servos (One that you don't mind getting rid of.)
  • A 1 -11/2 propeller.
  • Hot Glue.

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare a Servo

You will need to modify one of your servos to spin 360 degrees. At 4:25 in the video STOP! Flite Test 360 Degree Servo Mod Follow these steps to mod your servo. Once your potentiometer is glued, remove all of the gears from the servo and set those aside. All you need is the servo motor and the circuit board that the wires that connect it to the Rx. Your servo should look something like this. Next, you need to glue the propeller to the small motor gear. This servo will be your throttle.

Step 3: Step 3: Attatching Servos

You now need to take your other servo that is not modded and use whatever kind of material you have to make a mast for it, about 2 in tall. Then glue the non modded servo to it and glue the mast to the take out lid. Then, you need to glue the servo with the propeller on it onto the regular servo in the middle so that the "prop" can spin.

Step 4: Step 4: Final Preperations

Next you need you Rx bound (connected) to your Tx. Plug the 360 degree servo into the throttle channel and the regular servo into the steering channel. Glue or stick your Rx to the bottom of the lid. Then turn on your Tx and plug the battery into the Battery port on your Rx. Turn the trim knob left or right until your prop does not spin. Then trim your steering channel until the regular servo is allowing the prop to point straight ahead. If your prop does not spin in the correct direction, then reverse that channel on your Tx. Same goes for the steering. This boat can be driven in anything from a sink to a pool or even a lake!

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