Easiest (cleanest) Way to Open an Orange





Introduction: Easiest (cleanest) Way to Open an Orange

I haven't seen many Instructables on peeling oranges. Lately I have been eating oranges all the time and have developed a really simple, quick and clean way of peeling oranges. Trust me, after this you will find the difficult part of eating oranges is to decide what side to eat first!

Step 1: Crack the Line!

First find a place on the orange where you think the slice under the peel might be. Then make a crack using your thumb (or knife) from bottom tip to top.

Step 2: Split the Orange

This part might take some practice. Just line up your fingers across the crack that you made and pull it open like you want to climb into the orange!

Step 3: Eat the Brains!

At this point you can sit back and look at the nice job you have done! I prefer to pull out each of the slices. Just simply slide your finger between the peel and the slices as you pull each slice out!

Step 4: Only the Peel Left!

All that is left is this hat you can wear or put on your pet! Very clean! usually you are only left with 2 pieces to clean up, if you are really good you can keep it all in one piece and fool someone with the shell!!!! fun stuff!

Thanks for checking out my very first Instructable!



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    17 Discussions

    Thats not an orange its a tangerine

    I use a pocket knife, cut just past the skin make quarters and it works like a charm

    . The easlest, neatest way to peel an orange is the way my grandmother and mother  did it.  Make one superficial slice just through the skin, from stem to stem (top to bottom); then insert a large soup spoon at a very slight angle through the slit and push the spoon around just under the skin. This takes one or two tries before you get it right but once you do, you're a convert!


    Good if you are knifeless. But if you are scoring with a knife, why not just quarter the thing and munch on the quarters? Either peel the quarters much the way your method hauls out sections, or just hang onto the peel ends and chomp/slurp away. What am I missing?

    "First find a place on the orange where you think the slice under the peel might be."

    Like with your x-ray vision? How do you do this?

    your story was on komonews.com! im so glad cuz this is epic haha

    Don't use it as a hat for your pet... make some orange Jello with citrus vodka (Orange jello-shot mix) and pour it in the orange skin 'cup'.
    Let firm up and then slice into wedges for awesome easy to eat orange jello-shots!

    My family has been doing this since we have seen it: it is teh awesomez! :) Great and easy to follow inst :) This has made me want oranges even more :)

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    Good idea, but ive found the best way to peel an orange is with a spoon

    wow such a clean tear - normally juice goes everywhere!

    Nice technique, thank you ! I'll try it as soon as I can. That was a refreshingly nice instructable (and I'd love to see pics of orange peel wearing !!!)

    I tried it, it worked pretty good. My orange didn't have a crease of any sort, though, and missed when I scored it with my knife. I think I can get it with some practice, though.

    Awesome! I hate picking them and they get into your fingernails. Nice job, now I can actually eat the oranges at school instead of trying, getting mad, and throw it away.

    Neat! As soon as I can buy some again downtown I'll give it a try ;-)