Easy $1 Car Seat Gap Filler




Tired of having things fall through the gaps of your seats in your car? Well here is a cheap way to stop it. I saw the drop stop invention which is some foam put between a car seat gap and it cost $20 dollars. So I decided I was going to make a nice looking drop stop for myself, and it cost me a dollar!



1 inch X 6 foot foam plumbing pipe insulation. (only need 1)


Step 1: Cut the Pipe

You'll need a 1inch X 6 ft foam plumbing insulation pipe, and cut it twice. Cut two lengths of 20 inches. You'll have excess that you can save for other projects. Take the two 20 inch pipes and make sure they fit nicely in your car gap.

Step 2: Cut the Seat Belt Hole

Cut about a 4 inch wide rectangle for the seat belt to go through. Have it about 8 inches in from the end of the pipe, like I drew in the second picture.

Step 3: Insert

Hold your two pipes side by side and make sure the seat belt holes are the same length. Next insert your gap filler and have the seat belt go through. The seat should be able to slide with no issue having the gap filler there.

Step 4: Finish

You now have a nice looking gap filler that only cost you a dollar!! Enjoy not losing your things anymore!!

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1 year ago


This is awesome. No more bruised forearms trying to get items between my sear and console. Will try this soon.


4 years ago

Wow! Perfect! I needed this instructable in a bad way. Thanks so much, what a great idea! I'm doing this right now as my Sunday project.