Easy DIY Mechanics Creeper



If you are a person who loves working on their vehicular modules (cars or trucks) then this instructable might just be for you

Step 1: Ye Ole Materials List

1. Weight lifting bench pad. I found this to be the best choice. Its not to wide not to thin. Also if you still need a weight bench later on. It can be made back into one.

2. Skateboard trucks i suggest that you don't steal your son's it may lead to fisticuffs

3. 8 screws not too long or it may go to deep and poke your back.

4. You may or may not need some washers for your screws. I thought i did but part way through realised i didnt so i only used three

5. Drill

6.measuring tape

Step 2: Putting It Together

Now that you have all the things you'll need,this will be the easy step. Just measure the width of your bench pad and place your skateboard trucks in the middle. Easiest way for me, is place trucks on. And measure distance from the edges on both sides. Then take 4 of the 8 screws you have and anchor down your skate trucks. Repeat step on the opposite end and ba-bam your on your way to creep up under you car.
Do note you may need to tighten kingpin on the trucks. This way you remove the side to side motions. Also i wasn't even trying. But got lucky enough to have spaced my trucks exactly far enough to fit over a flat top tool box i have. Therefore i can double it as a work bent too. I dont really have readily available photos but seeing as it really isnt a crazy hard diy project. I figured that the lone picture in the title is literally all you would need as any sort of guide. Also if you dont know of the type of proper steps to take building this. Working on your car is highly advised against just saying



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