Easy DIY Sew From Scratch | Hoodie Scarf

Introduction: Easy DIY Sew From Scratch | Hoodie Scarf

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This is a fun Do it yourself (DIY) sewing project! Great for beginners! In this sewing tutorial you will be guided the the steps on how to make a high fashion designer hoodie scarf. These stylish scarves is super warm and cozy for the winter time. Hope everyone has fun with this sewing project! Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment! Thanks for watching!

Step 1: This Video With Guide You Through the Process of Making This Hoodie Scarf



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    5 Discussions

    there is a link in the description of the youtube video. You need to open the video on yt to see it

    what type of fabric did you use? It almost looks like a wool. Love the pattern and so easy!

    great idea! I will use up some of my old sweater pieces.

    Veeeery nice!! Thank you for sharing!!