Easy Heavy Duty Shop Apron

I have wanted a shop apron for a while since I weld and do a lot of grinding. Both tend to burn holes in my pants which exposes my legs to the hot metal. Not a pleasant situation!!!

I wanted something that is heavy duty and cheap, which in a store doesn't seem to work out. Well, around where I live anyway. So I finally figured out how to make one. Yes it will burn through eventually but then I'll just make another one...

The materials are just a pair of thrift store or old jeans waaaaaaay too large for you and a sewing machine (or whatever other method of fastening you wish to use.

The pictures were taken after the apron was made but it's pretty easy.

Step 1: Length

I figured out where I wanted the apron to end (around my knees) and sewed the pant legs together at the back to the length I wanted

Step 2: The Back

Then I sewed the bottom of the legs to the waist. Try to sew it between the belt loops and the front pockets. The first try I sewed it too low and sewed the pockets shut. The legs aren't sewn on the sides so I can access the back pockets but you could sew the legs to form one large pocket.

Step 3: Belt Loop

I didn't realize that when I had finished that the waist was missing two belt loops (I had removed them to make sewing easier) so I sewed a belt loop on either side. You don't have to do this if you make sure that you have two belt loops on either side of the zipper.

Step 4: That's It!

It works quite well and you can adjust the length to however long you want it before you sew. The pockets come in handy for holding tools and stuff. So now I just get dirty, not holey, because the apron has four layers of denim between me and the sparky things. Gotta stay away from the sparky things!




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