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Introduction: Easy Homemade Nail Glue

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Hi guys! In this DIY I will tell you how you can make homemade nail glue at home because nail glue is expensive and why not know how to make it?! :)


First things first things you will need!

Small container
glue(white or clear)

Clear nail polish

1 Q Tip


Steps to make and apply!

Pour glue in small container filling about half of the container with glue .Make sure that the container is clean first. (White glue or clear glue, can be found in department or craft stores.)
Add the clear nail polish filling up the rest of the small container. The clear nail polish will the glue adhere smoothly to your nails. Cut the end off of a Q tip. Use the end that is free of the cotton to mix the glue and clear nail polish together. You will also use this to apply the glue to your nails. If you used the cotton side, you would get pieces of cotton stuck to your nails. Hold your fake nail down over the glue that you put on your real nail for at least one minute so that the homemade glue can set properly. It takes about 10 minutes to harden completely.

Hope this works for you!




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    13 Discussions

    Im using it for a cracked nail

    Didn't work all that well for me. Glue takes too long to dry. Thin layer doesn't hold. more glue sticks nails on better but doesn't dry enough at least not yet..Nails not strong enough since glue doesn't seem to be drying enough. I'll have to go get some nail glue tomorrow. Haven't used fake nails in a long time but my nails are so short and lousy looking due to nail biting problem, I couldn't stand looking at them . So I'm out of glue and wanted to try this, but nails are not going to stay on.


    11 months ago

    WOW!!! I'm gonna try it now!

    If you just apply the clear top coat and press the acrylic down onto it until its dry, it works the same.

    How long does this glue last

    how long does this last?

    I tried this and it did not work at all but it does dry clear so you could us it for a mate topcoat

    OMG!!!! I got some fake nails for Christmas, but they didn't come with glue!!!