Easy Iron Man Helmet

Introduction: Easy Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man is by far my favorite Marvel super hero, so I have made an inspirational guide to build one out of cheap cardboard!

-Lots of cardboard

-hot melt glue

-3 hinges

-a pair of old sun glasses or other tinted lenses

- 4 LEDs of your choice


Step 1: Making a Template

To make Iron Mans face plate you will need to draw it out on a piece of cardboard first. You can make up your own, or you can download a template and print it out! As you can see I used marker to make my template, but i messed up several times, so try to use only pencil for this stage!

Step 2: Face Plate

Now you can cut out the face plate and make another side by tracing the first one, then glue them together!

Step 3: Rest of Helmet

Now make the jaw and forehead piece be big enough so the face plate can fit! Take time making each piece of cardboard just slightly bigger that that area of your head so its not tight! Because peoples heads are different you have to improvise the shape and size of the overall helmet.

Step 4: Hinges!

Make the faceplate move up onto the top of the helmet with 2 hinges and make the bottom of the face plate have a magnet so it stays but can open. (This step was VERY hard to write and will probably be confusing to read... sorry) Also now would be a good time to add the sunglass lenses or in my case I used modified skiing goggles so the light would pass better onto them!

Step 5: Eyes!

It is optional to make the eyes on your helmet to light up however if you choose you can wire them up so that they'll reflect onto the lenses and cause a glow effect! Have fun now with you new Iron Man Helmet! Thanks for reading this and check out this helmet on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HairmanRuby

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Question 2 months ago on Step 4

Is their something else to use because I don’t have hinges