Easy Minecraft Furniture Stampy Cat Style!

Introduction: Easy Minecraft Furniture Stampy Cat Style!

Cool Stampy style furniture!

Step 1: Armchair

Forgot to take pics but simple enough. Make a square u shape. Place a slab in the center.

Step 2: Wardrobe

place two oak planks two blocks away from each other. Put one block behind each and close it at the back pic 2. Place slabs like shown in pic 3. put a chest in the bottom area and place doors on.

Step 3: Nightstand With Lamp

place a book shelf down. add trap doors all around and put a torch on top.

Step 4: Bookcase

two by two of the book blocks. add doors then put slabs on top. then put trapdoors on sides and flap em up.

Step 5: Table

just a fence with a carpet on it.

Step 6: Thanks!!



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    stampy is the best and my inspiration! check out my channel plz! it is little biscuit, also i am a red head boy if that helps name is Quinn

    No actually you don't, go on to your profile page while you are logged in, then tap the settings button. Tap your current profile pic, (The default) and take a photo of upload one.

    Stampy is a guy in London who makes videos of his Minecraft adventures. Here's a screen shot of his skin, and a screen shot of his world from his videos.
    His videos are terribly funny! :-D

    Check them out!


    My fav is the bookcase! You have a really good imagination!

    Um..... don't mind me asking, but who is "Stampy"?

    Cool! Which of his videos do you watch?

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    on PC click create then click one of the options

    Hi, I was just wondering how did u get to post stuff on here and I am also a big fan of stampy.

    Pls reply soon :)