Easy Small Hoop Necklace




Introduction: Easy Small Hoop Necklace

This is my second instructable and I hope it helps you easily make a necklace and you can always change the hoop to a charm to fit what you like

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Step 1: Get All Your Supplies

A hoop/ring
Chain (it can be from a old necklace or bracelet too)
Jewelry case from old necklace (optional)
And two jump rings

Step 2: Adding Clasp to Chain

If the clasp is already on the chain you can skip this step
Get a jumpring and attach it to the end of the necklace then attach the clasp to the jumpring

Step 3: Finishing Up

Hold up the chain so you can find the middle and add a jump ring then add the hoop to the jump ring finally close up the jump ring with some pliers.

And your finished, I hope you all liked my second instructable and if you have anything that will me with the instructable please tell me

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    2 years ago

    That's a pretty necklace :)