Easy Flour Stress Ball




Introduction: Easy Flour Stress Ball

In this instructable I will describe the excessively simple way to make your own functional stress relieving device. (It is also great for juggling)

Note: The device is not restricted to be used as a stress ball only. You may also use it for amusement, to throw at things (such as burglars), as a christmas/birthday present, for practical jokes, as a keychain, to pretend it's fruit, to sell, to launch into space, to juggle or any other use you can think of.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Although the materials necessary for this project do seem difficult to find, you will be suprised to learn that they can be found in most households.

You will need the following:
-party balloons

Step 2: Stretch the Balloon

Using your mouth or a pump blow air into the balloon so that it inflates and stretches. Let the air out of the balloon.

Step 3: Fill It With Flour

Using your funnel fill the balloon with flour. Make sure to be holding the end of the balloon tightly to avoid a mess. Stop putting flour in the balloon when it reaches the neck. Don't fill the neck. Tie the into a knot to stop the flour from getting out of the balloon.

Step 4: Avoid a Disaster

Take another balloon (it may be of a different color, the final result will not be affected) and cut most of the neck of using scissors. Stretch the second balloon over the first one as a second layer. The second layer will help prevent the dispersion of flour all over the place in the event a hole would appear.

Step 5: Enjoy

You're finished!
You may now fully enjoy your fabulous flour stress ball in any way you could possibly imagine.
If you do not have an imagination, you will unfortunately be forced to use it solely as a stress ball.

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How much flour do you need to make 1 stress ball? (just around a bout, doesn't have to be exact)

Okay, well do you have to use a funnel to put in the flour??????????!!! by the way, I'm new! So....


I don't really get it ????
I just got 1 balloon and filled it with flour and tied it

1 reply

I tried this and it looks great. Forgot to tie the knot though so just folded it cello taped it down.

Awesome! I added cute animal images.

the best creation

I drew tiny cute little faces for it ?

nice idea but did not work very well :( sad.. just sad.. but if you use rice or sant or sugar it works WAY better

I tried but I couldn't get it to fill properly. It's very small and won't hold any more than a couple tablespoons of flour. I expanded it with air several times before attempting to fill.
I guess I could have a tiny stress ball? This is stressful! ?