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Introduction: Easy to Make Key Hook

About: Trust me i'm a maker.

I was looking for a usable key holder for my home. But in the internet, I found no good idea, so I decided to create my own one.

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Step 1: Roughing the Outer Diameter

You need a piece of wood. You can use any kind of wood. I took a piece of an old counter top. The important thing is that it's at least 40 millimeters thick.

Step 2: The Slots for the Keys.

My piece of wood is 40 millimeters thick. So i adjusted the circular saw to cut 30 millimeters deep.

I marked the slots for the keys with a 20 millimeter gap.

Then i cut the slots.

Step 3: The Hanger.

To hang it on the wall you need a hole in the back. It is important to drill the hole between the slots. I adjusted the drill press in order not to drill through the wood. In this hanger i drilled only one hole to hang it on the wall with a nail. But after wards Ii found out it is much better to hang it with two nails.

Step 4: Sanding

In order to make the chipboard nicer, I decided to grind and paint it.

Step 5: Filler

For a smooth surface I used some wood filler.

Step 6: Sanding Again

Sanding :-)

Step 7: Painting

I used some spray paint from the hardware store.

Step 8: Finish

Hang it on the wall and use it. Well done!

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    2 years ago

    That looks nice! We need something like that, ours have a tendency to wander off. XD