Easy to Do Paw Patrol Halloween Costume

I made this costume using mostly what I already had at home. I did purchase the hat and Paw Patrol tags.

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Step 1: Super Easy Paw Patrol Costume

My youngest loves Paw Patrol so I had to give this one a try. I did a very simple version. I made a vest with yellow fleece, it Velcro's in the front. I used an old cloth brown belt we already had and made small belt loops. The digger on the back is from one of his toy trucks. I made the digger arm out of cardboard and then covered it in foam, you could cover it in fabric too or even paint it. The digger arm fits into a pocket in the back of the vest that goes all the way to the bottom of the vest. This just gives it more stability. I used wire ties and hot glue to hold the digger on the end. The hard hat is from Hobby Lobby (.99). The Paw Patrol decal I just printed out of my printer, cut out and glued to the hat. The Paw Patrol tag I ordered on Etsy.com which is a homemade crafty site. They were $5 or $6 for all 6 of the pups tags. I sewed that on the front. The ears were made using furry fabric and glued to the inside of the hat (should have made these a bit longer). And that's it!! I'm hoping to do the rest of the Paw Patrol crew soon.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Any ideas on Skye's wings? Making costume for 9 yr old special needs girl


    5 years ago

    very nice costume...what impressed me most is innocent smile of baby wearing it