Easy-to-do Throne

I wanted to create a Game of Thrones style throne for a costume I made . This version is made from slats from a set of vertical blinds,a cardboard box and palm fronds. I really wanted to challenge myself to make a throne that was quick, cheap and easy to do.

I started by making a base for the throne from a cardboard box. This is an illusion costume, therefore the wearer is not sitting on the throne,but standing in a hole cut into the seat.

The back layer of "swords " are the slats from the blinds that I cut on a band saw to give them pointed ends.I added another layer of slats that I cut into various sizes ,using the scrap pieces of the slats for handles /pummels on the swords . The top of the handles on the swords are adorned with buttons.

We live in Florida a have a dozen varieties of pals in our yard. The pal fronds I used were the longest and strongest from a silver palm. They are from a single frond that I stripped the individual sword sections from. The fronds were pressed under a plank of wood to help flatten and dry them over several days. I am not sure that the pressing and drying were necessary, but I didn't want to risk curling as they dried.

The fronds were glued in layers down the sides of the box leaving the ends long at the bottom. As the layers filled i I added a top layer of fronds in a crisscross pattern on the sides . There is one cross in the front of the bottom of the throne.

I used a wood glue on the slats and hot glue for the frond sections.After the throne was all glued together I trimmed the fronds and turned up the bottom edge. The entire throne was sprayed black and then painted a dusting of silver over that.

If I had the room for it, I would love to make a sturdier more detailed version someday!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great - well done!

    I'll be showing this to my son and his friends and I'll bet a few of them will be inspired to make their own too!