Easy Waterproof Clothing, and About Anything Else in Your World.





Introduction: Easy Waterproof Clothing, and About Anything Else in Your World.

Water proof about everything.

Needed ingredients.

1. Mineral Spirits
2. 100% clear silicone caulking.

Empty container to mix in and a stir stick.

I used about 1/4 of the silicone tube and the quart of mineral spirits.  If I had more mineral spirits I would have thinned it more.

It's a hindsight thing, pour in the amount of mineral spirits then add silicon until it's almost as thick as water.

A drill with a stirrer makes it a lot easier because it takes a while to break down the caulk.

(edit)  I have found that mixing the Silicon and Mineral Spirits in a plastic water bottle works best.  Put in the ingredients, screw the lid on and shake.  If the bottle has one of the popup drinking spouts, just open it up, squirt out a trail, then use a brush to spread it around.  It will still cure in the bottle so use it or lose it.

Don't use an expensive brush, (I have found that if you work the brush as the silicon on the bristles cures, the brush will still be good for water based paints.  The bristles are sealed so any paints slide right off.  i have not tried oil based apints with a siliconed brush, but silicon is not paintable.

I painted the mixture on an apron as a test.  It did not change the color, nor the texture of the fabric.  Doesn't seem to have added any weight either.

I had plenty left over, so the 2'X4' piece of Luan I used to paint the apron got a coat as well. 

It soaked in almost immediately, so i flipped it over and did the other side as well.

After curing for 2 days, i poured water on both the board and the apron.

The water beaded and ran off.

I still have about a pint left.   (here kitty kitty)

Mineral spirits is not kind to all things, so make sure the material won't be harmed and have fun.

Should be good for all outdoor stuff including patio furniture.

Since the silicone soaks into the fabric and fills the voids and coats the threads, this will probably extend the life of whatever fabric you use it on.

SAFETY NOTICE!  No open flames or smoking.




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If I put this on fabric of a restaurant booth, is it going to be flammable or will it be okay once it has dried?

my buddy and I took a bike trip to Florida back in 2012. He had a military surplus dufflebag he put all his stuff in. It rained. All his clothes got wet.
While in Florida we did this process... a little too thick on the silicone side, but it stayed on.
Six years later... just took another 8 hour bike trip through rainy weather on the steed and not a single garment got wet. Left the bag out in the downpour while eating and everything was still dry. He never reapplied the mix either. this stuff is for reals!

I was about to buy some new leather saddlebags until I remembered this trick. I'm gonna go with the much cheaper canvas option.

Came looking for mix measurements. We'll see how right you are about that! :)

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Afaik if you use a very thin bottom coat with a thicker top coat applied before the thin bottom coat cures you will have the best result

For a heavy coat, mix it thick and scrape it on with a nylon putty knife to make sure you get it thoroughly saturated all the way through.

I was wondering if this could be thinned enough to run through a spray gun? I know you can make Silicone paints for airbrushing using the same method and tinting with acrylic paints but I was hoping to do this with a HVLP sprayer. What do you think?

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You can run it though higher pressure spray guns. Why not just try it?

Probably need to put on several coats to ensure even coverage.

Were you planning on tinting it so you can see the coverage?

Let us know how it comes out

Yes it will be tinted a blueish white. I'm going to spray a compression shirt and I want to resemble skin. After I get a solid base coat I was going to go back with the airbrush for details.

Take pictures, make a video and post it for the rest of us to learn.

Sounds awesome!

I am making ponchos out of ripstop nylon and will need to use this process to waterproof them. Any ideas about how to keep the front and back of the poncho and the hood from sticking to each other as it dries?


1 year ago

For a smaller batch, it is possible that you could use a small bottle of nail polish remover. Because mineral spirits is simply a paint thinner. Though, I wonder if something a less caustic could be use, maybe alcohol? If anyone tries, please let us know.


1 year ago

when it cures, does the thinner smell stay?

May I ask if we can place the mixture on a spray bottle?

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A friend said he used it in a weed sprayer that you pump up for a continuous spray.
He never mentioned whether or not the sprayer was usable afterwards.

Give it a try, but I think you would still need to work it into the fabric to get the best results.

Keep us posted on your results.

Is there any alternative for mineral spirits though? Because in my place it is so hard to find a mineral spirits. My groupmates were planning to use this on our Science project.

One user in Greece said it is the same as "White Spirits", and another from an unknown locations said the following:

The only other name I have found for Mineral Spirits is "Stoddard Solvent" named after one of the inventors.

You now know as much as I do on the subject.
Good Luck on the science experiment.

Youtube is for watching.

NOT for those who have never leaned, and are happy in their ignorance of how to...

But a good idea for someone, but it would just be water splashing and running off.

3 replies

That wasn't very nice. Some may have learning differences and only learn by watching. Has nothing to do with ignorance. :(

Gee, for 2 years nobody was 'offended'.

Was that an attempt at playing the victim card?

Nah Not at all! Just found this website and absolutely love it! I happen to have a 37 yr old son that has an extremely high IQ but has a learning difference. Very successful guy but learns mostly from hearing or watching...not reading.