Edison Phonograph


Introduction: Edison Phonograph

The phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. It's due for an update. How about we hook-up an Intel Edison to a vinyl record player and bring some WiFi to the HiFi.

Step 1: Get Hardware

Get Intel Edison Arduino Kit:


Get a Record Player:

This build uses the below record player


Get a USB Audio Device:

This build uses the below USB audio device to take audio output from the record player.


Step 2: Setup Intel Edison and Arduino Breakout Board

Use the below guides to setup your Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Board and your dev environment

Intel Roadshow Getting Started Guide

Intel Getting Started Guide

Step 3: Setup Debian, DarkIce, Icecast

You'll need to load up Debian on your Edison board:


Then setup Darkice and Icecast2 to stream the audio from the Behringer USB Device to a URL:

Download this tarball: https://sourceforge.net/projects/darkice/files/
Use dropbox or some other method to stage the file for retrieval with wget.

wget tar -zxvf darkice-1.2.tar.gz

cd darkice-1.2

./configure make

Here's directions for another platform that can also help: https://stmllr.net/blog/live-mp3-streaming-from-au...

Step 4: Setup Android Client App

Find the Android Client app source below:


You will need to have Android Studio setup and then be able to build the app and run it.



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