Edo Kite by Thelma and Louise

Introduction: Edo Kite by Thelma and Louise

About: I am the teacher of a project future and robotics class at a Durango middle school. All projects created by this account are created by middle school students aged 12-14.

We created this instructable as part of the Kite Unit in Mr. Skinner's Project Future class at Escalante Middle School.

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Step 1: Step 1: Materials

- 3 pieces of any color of tissue paper that is 20"x30" inches

- 4 bamboo spars that are 50 inches long

- a pencil

- meter stick


- a spool of string

- a bottle of glue all

- 2 binder clips

Step 2: Step 2: Create the Sail

Get the color of tissue paper that you want to use for the main color of your kite and fold it in half hamburger style. Then get your meter stick and measure the folded tissue paper 14 1/2 inches horizontally from the fold then 18 1/2 inches vertically from the fold and draw the lines lightly with your pencil. Add one binder clip in the margins of the paper to both sides of where you're going to cut then get your scissors and cut on the lines that you drew all the way to the end of your paper going up and across until the whole boarder is cut off. Take the clips off the scrapes and you can leave the scrapes for decoration or throw them away. Then unfold your paper and you have the main shape of your kite.

Step 3: Step 3: Attach to Framework

Get one of your bamboo spars and cut it so it's 20 3/4 inches long then, get your meter stick and lay it horizontally on the paper so it's touching two opposite sides of the tissue paper and get your glue all bottle of glue and make a thin line of glue across the paper beside the meter stick. Then remove the meter stick and the glue bottle and get your 20 3/4in bamboo stick and place it on the glue so it's going the whole way across the paper with an inch hanging off on both sides. Then hold it down for about a minute or so until its dry. Once that's dry lay the meter stick diagonally on the paper so its going from one diagonal corner to another and put a thin line of glue beside it and put some glue on top of the part of the bamboo spare that is just going off the paper going horizontally. Then remove the meter stick and cut your next bamboo spare 35in long and place it on that glue line where its coming off about an inch on both sides and on the side where the bamboo spare going horizontally is make sure it's over lapping it about an inch and hold it down until it's dry. Do the same thing on the other diagonal side of your kite and hold the bamboo spar down until its dry. After that cut another bamboo spar 21inches long and get the meter stick and put it horizontally on the middle line of your kite so it's over lapping the two spars going diagonal. Then put a thin line of glue beside the meter stick the way across and remove the meter stick and place the 21inch bamboo spar on the thin line of glue, hold down until dry. Then get another color of tissue paper and cut 7 small/medium sized squares and get your glue all bottle and where the bamboo spars meet the end of the tissue paper and in the middle where all the spars overlap put a little bit of glue and place one square on each place and leave them until they are dry.

Step 4: Step 4: Bow the Spars to Create a Dihedral

Definition of lift: To move or bring upward from the ground or other support to a higher position.

Definition of drag: To pull with force or effort or to pull heavily or slowly along.

Definition of dihedral effect: The stability of an object due to how well two areas of it are tied together or put together to help make it fly at an angle.

The bamboo spars that are used in the making of this kite don't break easily so it's going to be easy to create a dihedral by gently bending the spars. What you do is cut a piece of your string about 20 inches long and get the top of your kite where the spare going horizontally is and take an end of it that's hanging off and put the string around it and tie a knot. Then pull the end of the string to the other side of that spar and make a loop knot on the end of the string so that when you put the loop on that end of the spar you can easily take it on and off the spar to release the bend. But make sure that your bend is small and not to tight so your spar doesn't break in the process of making your dihedral. After that go to the spar on the middle line of your kite going horizontally and do the same thing that you did on the top one and make sure that your measurements are the same.

Step 5: Step 5: Attach the Bridal

The bridal is attached to the side with your decorative stripes.

You put a piece of tape in the middle of your kite, poke a hole so it does not rip.

Then thread the string threw that hole.

After that put two more holes at the top of your kite.

They will be an inch from the edge on both sides.

Thread the string threw two holes, then use another string and attach them 12 inches upwards towards the ceiling.

Connect all the strings so that they meet about a foot off the front of your kite.

Attach a string to this connection and fly your Edo!

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