Effective Nerf Firestrike Mod !




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the easiest and most effective nerf fire strike mod you'll find :)

Step 1: Materials

you will need :

-the Nerf N-strike elite firestrike (DUH)

- 2-10 medium sized elastic bands

- and that's it besides yourself and this guide

Step 2: Tying Them on to the Plunger

this is extremely easy and anyone with fingers can do it -

1. hang it over the plunger as shown

2.loop it up and through the plunger

3.push the elastic band that is inside the plunger through the other as shown

4. pull it tight and do to the other side!!!!

5. do it evenly on each side of plunger until you have run out of bands

Step 3: Finishing Off!

you have almost finished the epic mod!

1.pull the elastic band on either side to the front of the gun as shown in the 3rd picture

2. repeat for all bands and next is the range test!!!!!!!

Step 4: Range Test - Big Difference

SHOT ONE, stock gun ( out of the pack no Modding): 17 metres :(

After Modding: easily goes past 27 metre mark (if you had more than 4 bands)

SHOT TWO, stock gun - 19 metres

after Modding - 33m with 4 bands

SHOT THREE, stock gun 17 metres again

(with 8 bands ) after mod - goes past 40 metre mark easily



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    nicdeprothe computer no1

    Reply 3 years ago

    I never said it was the most effective, read the title next time.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have not measured it but it definitely shoots at least twice as far ( i bought much thicker rubber bands)


    4 years ago

    Have you range tested this? The ranges may actually be worse, because this may close the air restrictor faster, and also, those rubber bands don't look very strong, so I don't thing the add much power. Cool idea though!