Efficent Tidy Sunscreen Applicator




Introduction: Efficent Tidy Sunscreen Applicator

Summer is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and nothing is more important when heading out in to the great outdoors than keeping ourselves safe. This sunscreen applicator is a quick, no mess way of applying sunscreen that can be done on the run (literally) and is easy enough for children to apply on their own. My kids all have one that I slip into their bags, and I have several that I keep in my running kit and our picnic bag!

Step 1: Materials

- Empty roll on deodorant bottle - make sure the top can be removed. I found the travel sized ones work perfectly for this. You can also buy refillable deodorant bottles, but I love that this is repurposing some of our recycling!

- Sunscreen

- Knife

Step 2: Step 1 - Prepare Bottle

Remove the top of the deodorant bottle by slipping a sharp knife into the join and gently levering the ball and its seating off the bottle.

Wash all pieces in warm soapy water. If you are worried about residue you can wipe it all out with rubbing alcohol and rinse.

Let the pieces dry.

Step 3: Step 2 - Fill and Use!

FIll the deodorant bottle with sunscreen.

Press the ball and seating firmly back into the bottle, making sure it is back in place correctly before shaking the bottle.

Shake the bottle and use! Like any roll on, it works best when held upright. The applicator leaves a thin layer of sunscreen that can be rubbed in without any additional mess. Kids love that they can apply it themselves too.

This bottle can be refilled as many times at you like!



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    8 Discussions

    This is genius! My daughter plays softball and this is perfect for her. High five!

    What a great idea for putting on sunscreen! I wouldn't have thought of using something like that :)

    This is a brilliant idea! (Even though I live in the Southern hemisphere and it's going to be six months before I have to worry about this again).

    I was saving these containers for Minion-related construction, but I may need to divert one to this use.

    1 reply

    I thought sun screen is always relevant in NZ :) There is more roll on deodorant down there too!! ;)


    2 months ago

    Interesting concept. And it even lends itself to other ideas as well. Like applying wood glue on parts to glue up. Or applying other liquid applications for so many other ideas. Thanks for posting this. I have a few ideas in mind now. Thumbs Up!

    1 reply

    Thats awesome - I have been thinking about other things i could use it for... I did think about glue but thought it might stick the ball solid!