Egg in Vinegar

Introduction: Egg in Vinegar

Makes the egg see through and all it is was the vinegar made the plaster on the shell stick to the egg whites.

Do NOT squeeze it to hard or it will burst all over you like it did on my first try and second you have to wash gently or it will pop.





food dye

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Step 1: Put Vinegar in Bowl

Step 2: Put Any Color Food Dye

Step 3: Put the Egg in the Bowl With Vinegar and Food Dye

Step 4: Wait 1 Day ...

Step 5: You Try Not to Touch It As Much As Possible Clean It in Bowl With Water

Step 6: You Can See the Egg in Vinegar Is 2 Times Smaller Than a Regular Egg

Step 7: As You Can See the Egg Is Able to Glow in the Dark With Light

Step 8: Good Job You Made a Egg in Vinegar! the End

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