Electrical Component Bugs




Do you have extra electrical components that have released their magic smoke?

Do you feel bad throwing away those components that you paid so much for and accidentally powered backwards?

Do you wish you had some awesome techno-bugs sitting on your desk or workbench to give you inspiration?

Here is a great way to solve all of these problems. These little insects are made from extra components that have gone bad or are from old electronic waste that you can salvage. Don't go and spend money on new parts just to make a static sculpture! Some of the coolest parts you'll find are in old electronic waste!

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

The parts you use for your bugs can vary and whatever you get your hands on can be creatively made into a new styled insects. In this instructable, we'll focus on the design seen in the first image.

You'll need:

-3 lead component like a transistor or IR detector x2

-2 lead component like a capacitor x2 (various sizes will work)

Step 2: Solder the Components

After bending the "legs" of the transistor in the desired position, solder the larger capacitor to these leads as seen in the pictures.

Step 3: Glue on the Head

Using your favorite adhesive (mine being "Household Goop"), glue the last capacitor to the front of the body with the leads hanging down like pincers.

Step 4: Create More

Make several to create a little army of insects to watch you while your work in your own lab.

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