Electro-Acoustic Trey

Introduction: Electro-Acoustic Trey

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A very simple arrangement to make sound.

This can be a classroom project with kids or/and an instrument for electro acoustic improvisation.


Materials :

  1. Copper sheet
  2. Vibrating motor
  3. AA battery holder
  4. Springs
  5. Paper tape

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Step 1: Done in 4 Steps

  1. Slide one spring to each of the copper sheets corner and fix them (either superglue, soldering or tape, as you wish...).
  2. Create a frame of masking tape around the edges of the copper sheet so various elements can be hosted later in the vibrating trey without falling off.
  3. Use super glue and paper tape to secure the motor.
  4. Attach the wire motor wire to the battery holder.

Now simply find materials you want to use to make sound and give it a try...

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