Electro Dough Birthday Cake

Introduction: Electro Dough Birthday Cake

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Want to make a birthday cake out of Electro Dough. Make a circuit out of Electro Dough and light up the LEDs (and remember to put in as many candles as your Age!)

Step 1: What You Will Need

Everything you will need is included in the DIY Electro Dough kit!

You will need:

Electro Dough

LEDs (As many as you need Red or Green)

Battery Box

Cookie Cutter

Step 2: Make the Cake

roll out two bits of dough (we went for two different colours).

Use the cookie cutter the cut one shape out (leaving it inside the cookie cutter)

Wrap the second piece of dough around the cookie cutter, making sure the two types of dough are separated by the cookie cutter and not touching.

Step 3: Add the LEDs

To make your candles, add LEDs to the cake. Make sure the long leg is in the inside of the cake, and the short leg is in the outside.

Put in as many LEDs as you want!

Step 4: Power Your Creation

To light up your cake, add your battery pack to the circuit.

Plug the Red wire into the inside layer of the cake.

Plug the Black wire into the outside layer of the cake.

This will create a circuit!

Step 5: Play!

Now your cake is ready, turn on the battery pack and watch the LEDs light up!

To blow out your candles, just turn the battery box off when your friends aren't watching (They could even come back to life if they didn't blow hard enough!).

If your LEDs do not light up:

  • Are you LEDs in the right way? Try turning them around if not.
  • Is the inside and outside layer touching? Try and wiggle the cookie cutter around so there is space between the inside and outside layer.

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