Electronic Fly Swatter Power Mod

This is how to modify the electronic fly swatter increasing the power level output from 800 volts at around 1800 volts.
This is a duel button unit where both buttons need to be depressed to activate it. I have used one of the buttons to allow it to function in normal mode and bypassed the need to hold both to operate it.
When using this in high power mod mode or 'Evil' mode as I like to call it! be aware that the grid will hold a charge for up to 5 minutes. To discharge it hold the modded button and then press the other button for 3 or more seconds, let go of the non-modded button before the modded button to be certain it has discharged.
Touching the electronic grid before modification is unpleasant to say the least, however touching it in its modified mode just plain hurts so avoid it unless your some sort of pain freak!

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Step 1: Bypass Power Button

First remove the PCB tracks for the power button leaving the switch free and bypass it with a bit of wire as highlighted in yellow in the picture.

Step 2: Remove and Refit Resistors

Remove the two resistors from the PCB. You now need to connect one end of each to each pin of your newly free'd switch and the other end to its original position on the 'OUTER SIDE' of the PCB. I had to completely remove the resistors to extend the lead to reach but you may use new ones if you have them.

Step 3: Fitting Resistors to the Switch

Here you can see the other end of the resistors that I have soldered to the switch.

Step 4: Rename Your Buttons!

I called my modded button 'Evil' and the other 'Nice'! Remember to hold both buttons for nice (original) mode.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have trouble with certain people touching things they shouldn't. I want to wire up a shocker to teach them a lesson. Can you describe the shock you receive BEFORE your modifications? What does the 800 volt shock feel like?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Since moving to southern europe I've made a bit of a study of these products.

    In the Uk France and Germany there are power limits which I think mean that for safety the total charge stored shouldn't exceed some figure I can't remember. I never had one bought in the UK which was any good, but here in Spain and Portugal the market is for Chinese units which are very cheap which when you buy them have nearly 4kv on the grid and a 22nf storage cap. That's probably 32 times the energy in this posters unit before modification, though as the energy goes up with the square of the voltage he has improved it by nearly a factor of four. This assumes there is a 10nf cap accross the grid..

    I can easily modify these to provide another five fold energy increase, by addding extra capacitance and upping the volts a bit. At 5kv they tend to crack over without any insect so thats the practical limit on voltage not to mention reduced reliability.

    Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective mod I have found is to fit a large but low voltage reservoir cap accross the battery supply, say 1000uf at 25 volts. The bigger value the better as long as you can fit it in the handle dead space. This prevents the supply from dipping when the transformer is pulsed at high frequency, which it does by about a quarter volt even with new batteries.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well you would be better off doing that with a camera's flash unit. The disposable ones from Tesco are good. Or get a strobe off of an alarm box and wire the leads of the neon to bolts you can mount through the fixing holes. Maybe get a battery and button intergrated into that!
    Else, find an old washing machine, remove the large step-up motor cap, plug it into the mains for 10 seconds and throw it in your sisters bath while she is in it.
    She'll soon get out.Quick as a flash you might say! LOL!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Not being offensive, but he won't read this reply seeing as you didn't press the "reply" button. :)